Bourgeois Capital


Bourgeois Capital is a Limited Liability Company that invests in Private Equity Assets such as Real Estate, Farms, Vending Machines, e-Commerce Businesses, as well as offers Marketing Consulting Services.


Treat Others With Respect

Whether it's our vendors, business owners looking to sell their business, or anyone else, we always treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Do Quality Work

At Bourgeois Capital, we always value the one that does their best. As we acquire businesses, we strive to put out our best work so work does not have to be redone.

Improve Everything

As we acquire businesses, during our due diligence we look for opportunities to improve the service offerings. 

Whether it's adding technology or improving SOPs; our mission is to always leave a business better off than it was before we touched it.

We care about your business's legacy and the people they serve everyday.

 Managing Member Chris Bourgeois

Chris is our managing member at Bourgeois Capital, he comes from an entrepreneurial background and has deep strengths in people skills, marketing and analytics.

Business Address

Pictured above are our offices at 500 North Central Expressway, Suite 500, Plano, Texas 75074. You can always reach out to us as well at